Dual Frequency Multi-Wave Ultrasound

What is Ultra 10?

Ultra 10 is a multi-wave ultrasound that generates two different frequency in one probe- 1 & 3 MHz / 3 & 10 MHz. Wavelength of 10 MHz is short enough to stimulate small particles inside the cell. The penetration depth is ideal for collagen generation. 4 MHz RF system reduces eye wrinkles around the eyes.

• The dual frequency UltraSound Cross irradiates up to 500 times per second. Its speed, especially the 10MHz high frequency irradiation, powerfully activates small particles inside the cell.

• Featuring simple touch controls to reach 10 different applications: stimulate cell and control the activity of MMPs, GAGs with 10MHz UltraSound Wave.

• Right after wrinkle removing effect with the 4MHz High Frequency RF.

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