Advanced RET Radio Frequency System

What is RF Zet Plus II?

RF Zet Plus II is developed using cutting-edge technology of radio frequency system for skin, body, fat, muscle, and face treatments. It penetrates heat deep inside the body and accelerates fat metabolism to release liquified fat cells. This thermal effect stimulates collagen regeneration and skin tightening.

RF Zet Plus maximizes reduction of the fat in the inner organ using RET (Resistive Electric Transfer) method. It generates the head energy deep inside the body which is equivalent to five times of the average human metabolism. Internal body temperature rises up to 107-113°F and this affects the following: expansion of blood vessels, increasing blood stream volume, improving lymph circulation, accelerating fat metabolism, and more.


  • Effective skin tightening & face lifting
  • Shortened treatment time with effectiveness
  • Complete body contouring & shaping
  • Optimized for fat & cellulite treatment
  • Enhance blood circulation & oxygenation
  • Wrinkle & stretch mark improvement
  • Muscle relaxation / Facial contouring
  • No need for plate/ No pain / Non-invasive
  • Long-term effect / No side effect
  • Immediate visible results

Multipolar with LED RF

Multipolar Probe which generates electric current from every pole, penetrates RF into the skin by sing RET method to promote collagen regeneration. This creates a faster and prolonged effect.


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