The Innovative Facial Skin Analyzer 

What is LINE VU?

A cutting-edge facial skin analyzing system that detects
and measures various skin conditions, including wrinkles on the face and neck. Provides the best cost-effectiveness for cosmetics stores and skin care shops through various skin analysis such as neck wrinkles with a compact design.

H/W Features

  • A lightweight (4.8kg) and compact analyzer which is suited for cosmetic stores and skin care shops.
  • Light Sources and Skin Analysis

        – We analyze 12 skin problems, including skin type, with 4 different LED light sources.

  •  In-Out System of the Polarizing Filter

       – Use of the In-Out System of the polarizing filter for high image clarity and vividness.
          (Polarizing filter removed under normal and ultraviolet light)

  •  Extra Camera for Neck Wrinkles & Moisture Meter

       – Line-Vu provides analyses on neck wrinkles through an extra camera embedded in the chin rest and          a portable pen-type wireless moisture meter.


Accurate Analysis

  • Calculation of the Number of Pores / Classification of Pores by Size 

       – Calculates the average size of pores in each facial location based on the number and area of pores.
       – Classifies pores into 3 stages according to their size:
         Small Pores (15-65 pixels, early-stage) – Medium Pores (66-115 pixels, increase in sebum) – Large              Pores (116- pixels, aging)

  •  Classification of Pigmentation(or Melanin) by Size

       – Small Size (50-500 pixels, early-stage), Medium Size (501-1000 pixels, treatment required), Large Size

(1001- pixels, urgent need for treatment)

  •  Distinguish Redness and Brown Spots

       – Pigmentation observed in polarized light are distinguished into redness and brown spots


Various Functions

  • Portable Viewer 

       – Provides a viewer to view captured images, skin analysis images, and analysis results on both Android

and iOS

  •  Simulation of Pigmentation

       – The progress of pigmentation and the appearance after laser treatment are predictable  through the               “Simulation of Pigmentation” function.

  •  Simulation of Wrinkles

       – The progress of wrinkles and the appearance after wrinkle treatment are predictable through the                     “Simulation of Wrinkles” function.


3D Viewer

  • Provides various 3D viewers to view the depth of pores and wrinkles

Easy  Counseling

  • Providing Large Screen Analytical Images 

       – Provides analysis images on a large screen to enhance the reliability of the analysis results and ensure           convenience of counseling.

  •  Provide a Variety of Consultation Comments

       – Provides various counseling comments according to age and degree of skin problems along with                     counseling images for each skin problem.

  • Overlaid View

        –  It is easier to counsel skin problems by comparing the images from two different light sources

through the “Overlaid View” function.


Analysis Images

Comparative Analysis Images



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