What is AMTS [Auto Micro-needle Therapy System]?

AMTSpic1 is hardly expected that active ingredients are delivered through the skin layer and to the necessary place because of the skin cell’s own characteristics like cornification.

Auto Micro-needle Therapy System (AMTS) uses multi needles to maximize cell penetration of the active ingredients. This makes the new pathway for active ingredients to directly pass through the epidermis and establishes the new concept of solution delivery system.

Advantages of AMTS             pic2

Skin cell activates the natural wound-healing
•   Needle is penetrated in epidermis
•   Promotes collagen regeneration
•   Reduces wrinkles and pigments
•   Improves skin tone
•   Activates skin cell restoration ability
•   Increases skin tightness & elasticity
•   Safe, convenient, economical
•   Non-surgical & Non-invasive
•   No side effect
•   Easy to handle for treatment
•   No pain & No scratch

Why Juliet?                            

•   Maximum amount of solution can be penetrated into deep skin layer
•   Uniformed & consistent treatment: maximize the amount of solution
•   Rubbing without scratch yet effective
•   Skin Punctures: 120 times/sec (600,000 micro holes/min) pic3
•   Precise and selective creation of micro      holes
•   Long lasting result
•   Ergonomically designed for easy use
•   No peeling or damage
•   Easy aftercare

Auto MTS vs. Roller MTS


Treatment Results


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