What is Hydroimpact?                

Hydroimpact is extremely unique since it has the capability to act at the cellular level. Hydrogen is qualified to cross the blood brain barrier, to enter the mitochondria, and even has the ability to translocate to the nucleus under certain conditions. Once in these ideal locations of the cell, previous studies have shown that hydrogen exerts antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective properties that are beneficial to the cell.

What is Free Radical?

A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. Most biologically-relevant free radicals are highly reactive and cause aging, infection, and other illnesses. To prevent free radical damage, the body has a defense system of antioxidants.

Benefits of Hydroimpact?

Hydroimpact infuses hydrogen water into our body to remove free radicals and boost antioxidant activity, which helps anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and other skin concerns.

•   Hydrogen-rich water for anti-aging
•   Get rid of harmful free radicals
•   Remove fundamental cause of skin aging
•   Specialized treatment for natural looking result
•   Pain free, smart suction extractions


Key Features of Hydroimpact



Hydrogen Experiment with Banana


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Q. What are key differences between existing laser & HYDROIMPACT?
A. HYDROIMPACT helps restoring damaged cells so it maximizes and extends the result of laser treatment. Also by infusing hydrogen into our body (not only skin surfaces) it can resolve many body and skin concerns caused by aging.​

Q. Why do I need HYDROIMPACT before laser treatment?
A. People with healthier skin cells can expect better laser treatment result. HYDROIMPACT helps to restore damaged skin cells so you can achieve maximum result of laser treatment.​

Q. How long does a treatment take? Is there any pain?
A. One treatment takes about 10-20 minutes. Patient will feel cooling effect and no pain.​

Q. How many treatments are necessary to see result?
A. Most patients feel moisturized, brightened skin and better skin tone after first treatment.

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