What is Cryozet?ionzyme

Cryozet is based on electrophoresis and is a combination therapy which can combine CryoTherapy, Hot Therapy, iontophoresis, and cool/hot electric stimuli.

By combining with ionzyme, it delivers cool/hot energy to the skin for freckles, pigmentation after inflammation, wrinkles, anti-aging, acne, whitening, and lifting.

Other Ion Introduction Machines or electric stimuli skin care devices do not have the cool/hot stimuli function. With this function, skin care effects are maximized with temperature control. It provides cool/hot stimuli and electric stimuli either separately or at the same time. Effectively penetrates materials such as High-functional skin care products, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E for anti-aging, Beta Carotene, and AHA deeply into the skin.

Transdermal Delivery Route


What is Ionzyme?

  • Treatment through vitamin injection using chemical peeling and ionzyme clip based on iontophoresis.
  • Effective skin management system that does both peeling and skin regeneration by permeating ampule with active constituent such as ionized vitamin C, arbutin, and stem cell.

Functions of Iontophoresis


Ionzyme vs. Ionto


Functions of Parts

  • Permeation of ionized, specialized ampule deeply into the skin by electrical repulsive power.
  • Compared to iontophoresis treatment, ionzyme can be used with less pain.
  • Electrical current flows through wet gauze, which enables the equal provision of nutrition on the entire face.


Iontophoresis Treatment & Ionzyme Treatment

  • Highly effective permeation of nutrition is possible
  • Permeation of equal amount of nutrition all over the face is possible
  • Stable electrical flow prevents the face to tingle


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