A Water Shining System

What is Aqua Lab?

Chemical peeling + Mechanical peeling = AQUA LAB

Solution ejecting operation and the suctioning operation is performed at the same time with the simplest peeling solution. A Pain-free, Scar-free treatment.

Mild Chemical peeling solution combined a good variety of AHA and BHA and effectively dissolves dead skin cells and sebum in pores.

Aqua LAB uses a suction mechanism through fine suction and attachment (ventouse).


  • Helps to release skin blockages [Black/white head, dead skin cells] 
  • Lighten skin tone and keep moisturized
  • Break up sebaceous matter
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Helps to reduce puffiness and edema
  • Deep clean the skin internally
  • Helps to remove demodex folliculorum

How It Works

3-Step Solution: Tornado Vacuum Method

Aqua Lab adopts Tornado Vacuum Attachment which effectively suctions skin impurities through 2 nozzles at the edge.

Mild AHA and BHA is released through the nozzle in the middle and dissolves dead skin cells, sebum, black/white head without irritations and allows the skin care device to be easier to maneuver.

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