Rapid Injection with 31G 9 Pin Needle

Luminous Skin is Realized with Aqua Injector

Aqua Injector enables to deliver enough moisture and nutrition into dermis directly. Direct injections of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) with Aqua Injector into dermis are able to get immediate results through dermal hydration.

Inject with Accurate Amount of Dosage

There are various syringes so setting the syringe length only without setting the diameter and length of 1cc of the syringe, is not accurate enough to deliver the exact amount of dosage. However, Aqua Injector has a special program to save those values which will be convenient to operate.

Powerful Vacuum Effect with Rapid Injection

Pain is a top concern and the main reason to avoid multi injector treatment, however, Aqua Injector has a powerful vacuum effect and injects rapidly to reduce pain during injections.

Safe & Hygienic Procedure

Frequent technical problems was an issue for many other automatic injectors due to product leakage into the gun. Aqua Injector is designed to interlock to prevent product leakage into the gun by having a double filtering system, with a disposable filter right under the needle, as well as having a main filter on the main unit.

Stable Injection with Gun Type Hand Piece

It may cause bruising whenever the injector is unstable during procedure. Aqua Injector has a foot switch so the injector can hold the had piece with both hands for stable injection.

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